Practical Építőipari Kivitelező és Tanácsadó Kft was founded in February 1992.

Over the 25 years since foundation, the company has been growing continuously, reflected in the constant increase in company assets, headcount, and quality. Customized services and solutions are essential for profitability and to gain customer trust and confidence.

Core activities are contracted civil engineering, demolition, road constructions, general constructing, planning and design, and waste management.

The company has been a contracted partner in a number of building projects owned by domestic and international companies in and in the vicinity of the city of Veszprém. Recently there is an increasing number of building projects in farther settlements as well as outside the county.

Primarily, most of our projects focus on industrial buildings or gated residential communities. Over the last few years the company has constructed several commercial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, and production halls. Practical Kft.‘s core activities focus on landscaping and building public utilities of industrial areas and gated residential communities, making foundation, erection, and building road network for buildings and production halls.

Composition and continuous improvement in company headcount and assets makes us flexible to adapt to various projects. We have been able to render and implement complex construction projects for many years as general constructor or as prime contractor too. We are also subcontracted, in particular, in our primary area, that is civil engineering:

Earthwork with heavy equipment regardless of the type of terrain (rocky, hilly, scrubland, or afforested area) or soil (from dolomite to yellow soil).

Landscaping, skimming, plantation of future building sites or parks.

Public utilities construction: construction of sewer systems of any cross-section and related concrete and reinforced-concrete structures (receiving shafts, forks), and earthwork for water supply and trunk pipes, electric power cable lines, telephone cable lines, and gas supply pipes.

Civil engineering structures: underground water reservoirs and wastewater treatment facilities, pre-sedimentation systems, gutters, reinforced concrete structures, covered and open trenches.

Road construction: mechanically stabilized roads, melioration roads for agriculture, public roads, sidewalks, concrete or grass-grid concrete covers, asphalt roads, parking lots.

Demolition of structures or underground structures made of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, or steel.

As quality assurance is of great importance at the company, we introduced our quality control system in 1998 and integrated in our daily operation and implementation system. We got certified by Det Norske Veritas under the standard no. MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008. Our environmental management system was certified in May 2005 under the standard no. ISO 14001:2004. Since 2008 our health and safety system has been certified under the standard no. OHSAS 18001:2007.

The Company achieved NATO Certificate of Eligibility in 2004.

Imre Szabó CEO